The organizers did not allow me to publish anything about my participation at this event. I cannot name the biennial nor use their visual identity. I cannot be proud for my work being selected and attending this wannabe prestigious graphic art biennial.

Thank you fellow Hungarians, you are really kind and sweet!


Unnamable Graphics Biennial

The “World in Pandemic / State of Emergency” is a group photography exhibition organized and curated by Cluj Art gallery. The declared purposes of the exhibition are:

Offering a space for dialogue between artists and the general public, but also a possibility to promote your work and strengthen the position you have in the art world or maybe this can be your first step in this world.


world in pandemic exhibition visual

The 30th edition of the Art Teachers Exhibition offers all art lovers the opportunity of an incursion in the realm of emotions, of expressions and of attitudes. There were exhibited works of painting, graphic arts, ceramics, sculpture, textile arts and photography. These works of art reflect the artists individual artistic expressions, interests and visual research.

Expozitia Atelier Inventar Casino Cluj

The Romanian Artists Union (UAP) Cluj-Napoca branch in collaboration with Cluj-Napoca Art Museum organized between the 5th of December 2019 and the 5th of January 2020 the exhibition called “Annual Art Salon” with the participation of UAP Cluj’s all creative departments (painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photo-video, ambient arts, design, ceramics and textile arts.

The exhibition is representative for the artists of all generations from Cluj, traditionally organized during Winter Holidays.

Gra-Fo-Media Salon of 2019 was organized by the Romanian Artists Union, Târgu Mureș branch as a group exhibition for those artists that express themselves using pencil, ink, charcoal, traditional graphic printing, contemporary experimental printing, photography or computer art.

Most exhibiting artists were from Romania but there were exhibiting artists also from the USA, Hungary or Sweden.