world in pandemic poster

Dates and Venue

The exhibition was open in-between the 6th of July 2020 and the 20th of July 2020 at Cluj Art Gallery from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

World in Pandemic / State of Emergency

About the exhibition

The “World in Pandemic / State of Emergency” is a group photography exhibition organized and curated by Cluj Art gallery. The declared purposes of the exhibition are:

Offering a space for dialogue between artists and the general public, but also a possibility to promote your work and strengthen the position you have in the art world or maybe this can be your first step in this world.

To create an environment where we can remember the recent reality which we’ve all been through and go back to the teachings we learned during this period, by observing the artist’s subjective realities, through their works.

Why exhibit?

Exhibiting works in physical galleries costs more than a virtual exhibition. However, this financial investment is an investment in your work, because the splendor of your art is not fully reflected in the virtual exhibitions, the environment being a factor that can add value to the photos. Many are reluctant to take this step, either for financial reasons or because of a lack of confidence in their own talent. That is why we have decided to come to your aid. But it all depends on how motivated you are, and how much you want to expose yourself. Coming in front with your photography, not only helps you in creating a more lasting and sincere connection with your audience, but also represents an act of courage and artistic vulnerability, representing a cornerstone in building your artist identity.

(Presentation text and the poster design are from the event website.

Exhibited artworks

The exhibited images are a teaser preview of a larger project that i am still printing. It is a very personal take on my experience of the current pandemic.

I'm bored in a house and i'm in a house bored

Unique artwork

digital photography, monochrome handmade gumoil print. 30x42 cm

Impudent light is a i had

Unique artwork

digital photography, monochrome handmade gumoil print, 30x42 cm